Comparison of the resampling methods for gridded dem downscaling
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    1 Faculty of Geomatics and Land Administration, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam;
    2 Thuy Loi University, Vietnam

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  • Nhận bài: 25-01-2019
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  • Chấp nhận: 30-06-2019
  • Ngày đăng: 30-06-2019
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In this paper, a comparison and evaluation of three resampling methods for gridded DEM is implemented. The evaluation was based on the results of bilinear, bi-cubic and Kriging resampling methods for an experiment using both degraded and sampled datasets at 20 m, 60 m and 90 m spatial resolutions. The evaluation of the algorithms was accomplished comprehensively with visual and quantitative assessments. The visual assessment process was based on direct comparison of the same topographic features in different resampled images, scatter plots and profiles. The quantitative assessment was based on the most commonly used parameters for DEM accuracy assessment such as root mean square errors (RMSEs), linear regression parameters m and b, and correlation coefficient R of the resulted DEMs versus the reference DEM. Both visual and quantitative assessment revealed a greater accuracy of the Kriging resampling over the other two conventional methods with the RMSE of the Kriging interpolated DEMs decreased by approximately 58%, 23%, 50%, and 58% for the 20 m and 30 m degraded DEMs in Nghe An province, 5 m sampled DEM in Lang son province, and 30 m sampled DEM in Dac Ha, Vietnam, respectively

Trích dẫn
Huong Thu Thi Nguyen, Minh Quang Nguyen và Hien Phu La, 2019. Comparison of the resampling methods for gridded dem downscaling, Tạp chí Khoa học kỹ thuật Mỏ - Địa chất, số 60, kỳ 3.