Research on pressure of underwater explosion on ellipsoid-shaped obstacles
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    1 Học viện Kỹ thuật quân sự, Việt Nam

  • Received: 9th-July-2016
  • Revised: 11st-Aug-2016
  • Accepted: 30th-Aug-2016
  • Online: 30th-Aug-2016
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To design structures or constructions, resistant to explosive loads as well as ability to calculate and check the safety conditions of underwater objects under underwater shock wave, should be stated clearly rules and components of blast wave appearing and acting on the surface obstacles. Blast waves, spreading in underwater and known as incidence waves or primary waves, have an impact on the obstacles, which lead to appear wave diffraction phenomenon and creating a new wave called wave diffraction. The law of development wave diffraction depends on obstacle shape, sustainable, and immobile of obstacles. Characteristic parameters of blast waves include: pressure and duration of the pressure are shown by the rules change pressure by time. Pressures on obstacles include the incident wave and the wave diffraction components. Based on analysis theory of wave diffraction of B. V. Zamyshlyaev, the paper uses a numerical method to examine laws of the flat blast wave in underwater on an absolutely rigid, immobile ellipsoid-shaped obstacle.

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Dam, T.Trong, Vu, L.Dinh and To, T.Duc 2016. Research on pressure of underwater explosion on ellipsoid-shaped obstacles (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 55 (Aug, 2016).

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