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  • Received: 8th-Mar-2015
  • Revised: 19th-Apr-2015
  • Accepted: 30th-Apr-2015
  • Online: 30th-Apr-2015
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To exist and develop, each country has to base on three resource groups including human resources, production equipment resources and natural resources. Natural resources in which climate resource is originated from nature and consider as a useful factor to all living things and human beings in nature. Therefor, evaluating economic must consider the role of the climate system and features, as well as its function in the overall natural resources for each country and all over the world. In purpose above, the paper focuses on introducing basic methods about economic analysis in term of climate change, which is to give solutions for climate change adaptation in Vietnam, as follows: to elaborate the total index and the criterion system to reflect level of development sustainable; to determine the economic value of natural resource and natural services in general and climate resource in particular, three groups of method that is market assessment method, cost approach method and opportunity cost analysis method or replacement value are used.

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Nguyen, P., Nguyen, D.Phuong and Vu, A.Lan Thi 2015. SOME METHODS ON ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF CLIMATE CHANGE (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 50 (Apr, 2015).