Some results of initial study on natural mineral building materials in coastal area of northeast Vietnam
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  • Received: 12th-June-2013
  • Revised: 19th-July-2013
  • Accepted: 30th-July-2013
  • Online: 30th-July-2013
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As a coastal country, Vietnam has a long coastline of about 3300km. In the case of sea level rise of 0.85 m, deposits of natural mineral materials (DNMMs) in coastal areas woudl be completely flooded. it must encourage DNMMs from higher areas, beyond the range of 5 northern coastal province. The first step was to clarify the scope of the distribution and characteristics of quality, some DNMMs reserves in the study area. For permanent levees, not only use cement and concrete, but also use DNMMs available as soil clay, sand, pebbles, gravel and rock meet in place for the construction of coastal works. Initial investigation to determine the packing material quality, volume, location of natural mineral building deposits throughout the region. These materials contribute technical solutions, construction of infrastructure, coastal dikes, and sea/ river embankments. Due to the large volume of sea dike embankment, so the soil clay mainly within the adjacent work, the survey scope should not exceed more than 5 km away. Materials must meet the physical-mechanical properties. For the dike covered with loam clay content of 15% ÷ 30%, plasticity index at 10 ÷ 20, does not contain impurities. The difference allowed between soil moisture and humidity up for optimal water does not exceed ± 3%. The loose materials such as sand, stone, gravel, crushed stone and rock mining near position of the construction can be used as part of the layer’s load or part load block downstream (counter pressure) to enhance stability dykes

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Tran, C.Binh, Ngo, D.Xuan, Vu, L.Thao Thi, Hoang, T.Thi and Le, T.Thi 2013. Some results of initial study on natural mineral building materials in coastal area of northeast Vietnam (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 43 (Jul, 2013).