The relationship between mining output and methane of the N010 coal seam in Ha Lam coal mine

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  • Received: 28th-Apr-2021
  • Revised: 28th-July-2021
  • Accepted: 29th-Aug-2021
  • Online: 1st-Dec-2021
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Ha Lam coal mine is exploited from +75 m to -300 m with an output of 2.4 million tons/year. To meet the production requirements, the mine mobilizes 3 coal seams to exploit simultaneously, seam 7, seam 10 and seam 11, in which seam 10 has the highest methane content among the 3 seams. Currently, Ha Lam coal mine is ranked II in terms of methane. However, in the mining process of the mechanized longwall, there is a sudden increase in methane release, especially at the times when the machine can operate continuously due to favorable geological conditions of the reservoir and the sudden increase in the thickness of the seam leads to a sudden increase in the volume of recovered coal. In order to contribute to ensuring safety in mining, be proactive in controlling the methane concentration in the seam 10 mining longwall. The article has studied to determine the relationship between the level of methane emission with the methane content in the coal seam and the mining output of the longwall. These are two factors that greatly affect the methane release process from the longwall. The article used practical methods of measurement, sampling and analysis to determine the level of methane release from longwall furnaces at different mining levels of coal seam 10. The relationship between methane release and methane content in the coal seam with the mining output of the longwall has been determined in the form of a function y = a.ln(x) + b. With each mining level of coal seam 10, just update the methane content in the reservoir and the planned output, the release of methane into the longwall can be predicted. The research results help to plan the and exploitation dilute the concentration of methane in the coal seam 10 of Ha Lam coal mine.

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