Research on the stability of reused roadways at Khe Cham I coal mine

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  • Received: 24th-June-2021
  • Revised: 26th-Sept-2021
  • Accepted: 27th-Oct-2021
  • Online: 1st-Dec-2021
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The deformation and supporting methods, maintaining roadways stability are always important issues in coal mining and safe production, especially for roadways in complex geological conditions. To identify the cause and direction to overcome the disadvantages of supporting and maintaining the stability of reused roads, a case study at seam 11, Khe Cham coal mine I, is presented in this paper. Here, coal seams are exploited with a longwall system, and the roadway is reused with the function of transport and ventilation when mining adjacent panels. In the reuse phase, between the roadway and the goaf is a 20m wide coal pillar, and the main roof of the seam is a hard roof stratum. Based on the results of the detailed field survey, the deformation characteristics of the road and the damaged types of the supporting structure were investigated. The study results show that there is serious deformation and because SVP steel resistance cannot control the movement of the surrounding rock mass and ensure roadway stability. The deformation and narrowing of the roadway section have negatively affected the transportation and ventilation and labor safety. In addition, roadway repair and reinforcement must be carried out regularly, leading to an increase in workload and production costs by 1.5-2 times. To limit the deformation of re-used roadways, the development directions of the supporting structure have been recommended. The research results of the paper can provide reference for the stress-strain study direction of the roadways under similar geological conditions.

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