Solutions to gather and transport crude oil from Dai Hung Nam wellhead platform (WHP-DHN) to FPU DH-01 platform at Dai Hung Oil Field

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    1 Faculty of Oil and Gas, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam;
    2 Dai Hung Oilfield,PetroVietnam Exploration Production Corporation (PVEP), Vietnam

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  • Received: 12th-Nov-2019
  • Revised: 26th-Jan-2020
  • Accepted: 28th-Feb-2020
  • Online: 28th-Feb-2020
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Dai Hung is an oilfield which lies at a deep water. The field is located in the Northeast of Nam Con Son basin in block block 05-1a. The total production explored at Dai Hung in April 30, 2018 reached 56.7 million barrels, corresponding to 13% of the average recovery coefficient of the oil field. The success of drilling wells for the development of Phase II (WHP-DH2) has proved that oil and gas exploitation in areas without drilling wells at Dai Hung oi field is potential. At present, PetroVietnam Exploration Production Corporation (PVEP) keeps undertaking activities on drilling exploration wells at Dai Hung Nam zone with positive results. This fact requires the construction of the offshore platform at this area for oil and gas exploitation activities. Therefore, Dai Hung Nam wellhead platform (WHP-DHN) will be built in this area and its exploited products will be transported to DH-01 platform by subsea pipelines. In order to transport exploited products safety, a research on flow assurance is required to consider and evaluate possibilities that may have effect on transportation process. The paper presents the results of research on hydraulic calculations for subsea pipelines to transport exploited products from WHP-DHN to DH-01 platform by taking advantage of experimental equations and using the software with the data obtained at this Oil Field. The results of the research will be the basic which helps to select the appropriate solutions to improve the transportation of exploited productions by subsea pipelines at WHP-DHN in the future stage.

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Nguyen, T.Van, Tang, D.Van, Le, D.Quang and Nguyen, V.The 2020. Solutions to gather and transport crude oil from Dai Hung Nam wellhead platform (WHP-DHN) to FPU DH-01 platform at Dai Hung Oil Field (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 61, 1 (Feb, 2020), 61-70. DOI:

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