The estimetting of groundwater resources in Tay Nguyen
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  • Received: 21st-Aug-2019
  • Revised: 15th-Oct-2019
  • Accepted: 31st-Oct-2019
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Surface and groundwater resources in Tay Nguyen are formed only from rainwater and accept rainwater, they are not receiving any water from elsewhere. According to the monitoring data during period of 2005 - 2016, the total annual rainfall in Tay Nguyen is about 119,94 billion m3 of water. Mainly of which is run off, evaporation, evapotranspiration and the rest is infiltrated into the ground. Unfortunately, the above minor infiltrated water separates two parts: a large create base flow into the river and only a small amound of water about 0.55 billions m3 (around 0.46% of rainfall) reached aquifers. That interaction relationship creates a breakthrough in the exploitation and use of water resources in Tay Nguyen

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Nguyen, T.Thanh Thi, Ngo, T.Tuan, Ha, D.Hai, Doan, C.Van, Nguyen, T.Minh, Dang, P.Xuan and Vu, N.Minh Thi 2019. The estimetting of groundwater resources in Tay Nguyen (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 60, 5 (Oct, 2019).

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