The method and devices for determining fault location in electric cable
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  • Received: 15th-June-2018
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  • Accepted: 31st-Aug-2018
  • Online: 31st-Aug-2018
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In the operation of the mine power supply system, the common problem is to quickly overcome the problems on them when there is trouble detecting, that likes: earth faults, Cable caused by mechanical impact or arcing fault. The article presents a methodology and devices for quick finder map of fault location on the cable in order to quickly correct the mine power supply system problem, minimizing economic damage to the plant by the long stop producing. The electromagnetic pulse method uses from a pulse generator at the beginning of the line, pulse propagates to the fault point and then reflects back. A timer will count the travel and return time of the pulse, from which the distance from the beginning to the break point is calculated by the propagation velocity of the electromagnetic wave and the length it passes through. The fault locating device is constructed from the functional block diagram and the principle diagram of the digital circuit application which provides a better indication of the cable distance to the fault point for the person. use. The article also delves into the operational principle of measuring instruments to shed light on its mechanism of action

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