The assessement of environmental pollution in the mineral extraction in Lao Cai province
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  • Received: 27th-Aug-2015
  • Revised: 14th-Oct-2015
  • Accepted: 30th-Oct-2015
  • Online: 30th-Oct-2015
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The assessment of environmental pollution in mineral exploration in Vietnam in general and Lao Cai province in particular is interested. Based on a literature review and document analysis, this study identifies some research results as follows: In mining processing operations, the dust levels much exceed the allowed limits. Air pollution also emanated from emission of dust and other particles into the air, emission of hazorous chemicals such as carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2), … from transportation. However, dust emissions in transportation are less and emitted through wind speed, so is within the allowable level. The radon concentration in the air in mining areas containing radioactive elements are high above the regulated levels. Therfore, it is necessary to attend environmental protection during mining etraction and ore processing operations in the mining areas. The total average annual effective dose equivalent for the population of Lao Cai province per year is ranged from 77.05 to 214 mrem, average is about 145mrem, and in average of many countries around the world. Water quality surrounding mining areas is not be polluted, the criteria used to assess water quality are within the standardized levels. Pollutants in rain-water and water used in the producing operation are mostly COD, BOD5, TSS and liquid, waste water from siftting plants and refining plants, the concentration of toxic substances such as heavy metals exceeds the allowed limits by many times. The mining process in Lao Cai has the potential for collapses of mining pit, waste dumps site, tailing dumps,land subsidence,... There is the type of catastrophe that affect seriuosly environment and human life. As a results, the environmental management in the mineral mining sector should be attended adequately

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