The effection of friction on diamond bits during drilling process
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    1 Hội công nghệ Khoan – Khai thác;
    2 Trường Đại học Mỏ - Địa chất

  • Received: 27th-Aug-2015
  • Revised: 17th-Oct-2015
  • Accepted: 30th-Oct-2015
  • Online: 30th-Oct-2015
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Within the scope of this article, the authors presented some results of a research on the influence of the friction coefficient on the erosion of diamond inserts and the process of rock destruction in the diamond rotary drilling with a high speed. Based on the frictional and erosive theory, we determined the dependence of the friction coefficient on the hardness of the rock and penetrated rate of bit diamond inserts into the rock for one revolution. This friction coefficient is affected by many factors such as surface properties of interface, drilling fluids quality, size and mechanical characteristics of the cuttings. This friction coefficient will change as cutting particles embedded deeply in the rock 0,02mm per a revolution. To overcome this problem, the article has been presented the requirement of using drilling fluids containing surface lubricants and the appropriate drilling parameters for each specific condition. Meanwhile, the erosive process of bit inserts will be more stable

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Nguyen, T.Xuan, Pham, N.Van, Nguyen, T.Tran, Le, N.Van and Nguyen, T.Van 2015. The effection of friction on diamond bits during drilling process (in Vietnamese). Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 52 (Oct, 2015).

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