Characteristics of deposit types of vermiculit in Vietnam
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Vermiculite ores in Vietnam derived weathering, distributed in the high metamorphic terrane of endogenic and exogenetic geological formations, including 4 deposit types (DT): 1) Type vermiculite in the weathering crust (WC) of complex of gneiss - amphibolite that were migmatization with typical mineral parageneous association (TMPA) is vermiculite sustainable {Mg-Fe} {- kaolinite - ilite - goethite. This deposit type is abbreviated by (DT.Ver-I); 2) Type vermiculite in WC of gneiss - amphibolite complex penetrated by potassium-rich feldspar granitoid with TMPA is vermiculite {Mg} - kaolinite - ilite. This deposit type is abbreviated by (DT.Ver-II); 3) Type vermiculite weathered from metamorphic amphibole gneiss with TMPA is vermiculite-kaolinite-ilit-goethite. This type is abbreviated by (DT.Ver-III); 4) Type vermiculite derived weathering of mafic granulite, gabroamphibolite with TMPA is vermiculite-kaolinite-goethit-ilite. This deposit type is abbreviated by (DT.Ver-IV). Vermiculite ores in all above 4 deposit types have vertical zoning, to match the zoning of ore-bearing WC. In WC profile, vermiculite ores distributed in the following tropical weathered zones: The medium weathered zon (MWZ), strongly weathered with texture zon (SWZ) and the lower part of strongly weathered zone without texture (LPSWZWT).

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