Assessing the Economic Value of Copper Mineral Resources in Ta Phoi Area, Lao Cai Province

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  • Received: 18th-Nov-2023
  • Revised: 5th-Mar-2024
  • Accepted: 23rd-Mar-2024
  • Online: 1st-Apr-2024
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Copper ore is one of the minerals that play an important role in the economic development of Lao Cai province. However, this is a non-renewable resource with high risk and great environmental impact in the mining process. Therefore, it is necessary to study and evaluate the economic value of mineral resources, creating a basis for planning the process of exploration, exploitation, rational use of resources, and environmental protection. This paper evaluates the economic value of mineral resources using resource assessment techniques. The total reserves and identified resources are 21,473 thousand tons of ore, corresponding to 160,278 tons of copper. In the case of using level 122 reserves, the identified resources is 16,412 thousand tons of ore, corresponding to 129,433 tons of copper. The forecasted resources are approximately 41,050 thousand tons of ore, which is equivalent to 198,235 tons of copper. The accompanying minerals, with a resource level 333, include 6.34 tons of gold (Au) and 24.39 tons of silver (Ag). The results show that copper content in the area is varied from 0.01% to 9.18% with an average of 1.50%, and the ore grade is changed from poor to medium. The distribution of copper ores is relatively uniform to very uneven, with the largest concentration found in the Ta Phoi area. The calculated potential recovery value (GTNth) and unit area value (URV) of copper minerals in the study area are substantial, with the highest URV is observed in the Ta Phoi area and the lowest one is obtained in the Coc San area. During the extraction process, the investor should consider recovering accompanying elements such as gold and silver to enhance the mine's economic value.

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Nguyen, P., Nguyen, D.Phuong and Vu, A.Lan Thi 2024. Assessing the Economic Value of Copper Mineral Resources in Ta Phoi Area, Lao Cai Province. Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 65, 2 (Apr, 2024), 41-46. DOI:

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