Research on technical solution of displacement and deformation monitoring of high-rise buildings in real time

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    Faculty of Geomatics and Land administration, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam

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  • Received: 1st-Feb-2020
  • Revised: 20th-May-2020
  • Accepted: 30th-June-2020
  • Online: 28th-June-2020
Pages: 75 - 87
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This article presents a technical solution of displacement and deformation monitoring in real-time based on GNSS CORS technology. The components and principles of operation of the monitoring system for displacement and deformation have been designed and established. The continuous operation reference station (CORS) with Net S8+ receiver was used to correct position for monitoring station in the RTCM format. A device for receiving and transmitting data from the monitoring station to the server has been designed and developed. NMEA messages have been decoded and filtered through three steps using our self-developed software which improves the accuracy of the monitoring results. The results of monitoring of displacement and deformation of An Binh high-rise building (in Hanoi) show that the developed equipment system can monitor displacement horizontally to 3 mm and vertical displacement to 5 mm.

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Pham, K.Cong 2020. Research on technical solution of displacement and deformation monitoring of high-rise buildings in real time. Journal of Mining and Earth Sciences. 61, 3 (Jun, 2020), 75-87. DOI:

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