1. Journal of  Mining and Earth Sciences (JMES) provides information on scientific and educational research and its future orientation at the Hanoi University of Mining and Geology; publishes studies on science, education, and technology transfer in areas such as Mining, Geology, Oil and Gas, Geodetic, Economics, and Business Administration; introduces new innovations, scientific and education essays and researches, and technology transfers related to majors taught at HUMG that have not been published on any other publications.

2. Submitted articles must be typed in Times New Roman, in size 12, with all margins at 3cm. The submission includes one papercopy printed on A4 (less than 10 pages) and a soft copy written on a CD or sent through email. The articles must be in English with a 200-to-300-word abstract/summary.

3. The structure of an article submitted to Journal of  Mining and Earth Sciences :

- Title (bolded in size 14, Times New Roman)

- Full name of the authors (capitalized in size 10, Times New Roman)

- Abstract (200 – 300 words long, italicized in size 11, Times New Roman)

- Article: the main content must have clearly numbered sections and headings, must use appropriate and succinct language, and must comprise all of the followings:

+Abstract: Introduce the idea and summarize the content of the article.

+ Address of the problem: Summarize the current domestic and international environment for the research, prove the relevance of the research and the problem, and raise the question

+ Solution to the problem: Describe research methods, tools, contents, and progress that have been made

+ Results and discussion.

- References

- Summary (translate article’s title and authors’ names and positions into English and summarize the article in English)

- At the end of the first page, please specify authors’ full name and academic levels, organizations that they belong to, address, phone number, and email if available.

4. All equations must be written using Equation Editor and numbered on the right. All drawings must follow technical drawing regulations and must not be bigger than 15x20cm. Maps of regions or nations must follow accepted standards with ratio. All drawings and tables must be numbered and noted.


5. References must follow the conclusion of the article and are subject to the following orders: Reference’s order number (written in [..]). Author’s name, year of publication.Article’s title (books or scientific reports).Document’s name and series (for journal and books) or name of conference, date and location (for scientific reports), location of publication. From page ….to page ….. (if applicable).


-Authors’ full names should be arranged in the order of the first letter of their last name then the next letter. When there are many authors for one article, please include the names of all authors. In case there are more than 3 authors for one article and there is an editor, state the name of the editor with the word “editor” in brackets, followed by “nnk” or “et al.”

- If references are in Latin, please keep the original name. If references are in Slav, logograms, or Arabian, please translate their name and information into Vietnamese and note their original language at the end.


6. Submitted articles must have the permission of the intermediate managing body. Each article shall be reviewed, commented, accepted for publication by at least 1 member of the Board of Editors.


7.  Journal of  Mining and Earth Sciences shall publish only articles that meet the above-mentioned requirements. Submitted copies of rejected articles shall not be returned.


8. Authors with articles published on Journal of  Mining and Earth Sciences shall receive 2 copies of the publications and shall receive all benefits listed by law.


Please send comments to:


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