Using the real - time unified modeling language and hybrid automata to model the controller of combining thrusters of dynamic positioning system

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Dynamic positioning systems (DPS) and its applications were researched in 60s of the previous century. In the world, oil and gas industry has a large number of this application. In Vietnam, oil and gas industry was developped in the later half of the 20th century. In 1981, the first oilwells were completed then they have been exploited for several decades. So, the production trends to decrease in the traditional reservoirs such as Bach Ho, Nam Rong - Doi Moi and Nam Con Son etc. To catch up with power requirement, the oil and gas enterprises must extend to deep water areas. In deep water, it is believed that DPS plays an important role on drilling ships and other vessels used for oil exploration. Based on the published research in ship manuevering and dynamic positioning, this paper shares the architecture model of controller of dynamic positioning system. This paper also proposes to use real - time unified modeling language and hybrid automata for analysis, specification and modeling the dynamic positioning system. This result can be used for developing a real dynamic positioning system carried out on drilling ship

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Mô hình hoá cấu trúc bộ điều khiển phối hợp các chân vịt của hệ thống định vị tự động bằng ngôn ngữ mô hình hoá hợp nhất thời gian thực và Hybrid Automata



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Oil and Gas

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