The effects of Meteorology - Oceanography on deep - water drilling performance in Vietnam

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In the near future, in order to achieve the targets of increasing oil and gas reserves, Petrovietnam propose to step up the exploration in deep-water in Easten Sea. Therefore, studying the oceanographic meteorological conditions and assessing their impacts on drilling efficiency in deep water areas in Vietnam is very necessary. The paper summarizes the characteristics of ocean currents, wind, wave and storm in the area. Base on that, the authors analyze and assess their impact on the design of well drilling programs as well as actual drilling operations by assessing the influence of factors such as waves, ocean currents,... to the stability of the semi-submersible rig/drill ship or the stability of riser, ... in specific conditions of this area. The research results contribute to support drilling engineers in drilling rig selection, installation of risers or conductors, rig mob/demob,... as well as well drilling schedules when conducting oil and gas exploration programs in deep-water areas on Vietnam's continental shelf

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