Selection process for petroleum reservoir testing exploration well in Cuu Long Basin foundation and actual deployment

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The practice of well test operations in the exploration wells for the basement target of the Cuu long basin normally faces numerous of challenges due to various reasons such as the high heterogeneity of reservoir roks and especially the impact of severe mud losses during drilling. This paper seeks to overcome the above mentioned challenges by recommending an appropriate complete testing procedure together with the practical application methodology. Beside on that, the used testing equipment in order to improve the efficiency of the well testing jobs, obtaining the most reliable sufficient data for the reservoir evaluation, reserve calculation and production management of the basement oil reservois in the Cuu long basin

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Lựa chọn quy trình thử vỉa dầu khí cho các giếng khoan thăm dò đối tượng đá móng bồn trũng Cửu Long và phương thức triển khai thực tế



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