Research to utilize heat from exhaust of gas turbine generator on PPD - 40,000 to heat crude oil on CPP - 2 platform, Bach Ho Oil field

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Over time, the oil exploited at Bach Ho field has a decrease in temperature, increasing water content, leading to difficulties in phase separation and transport. Heated crude oil will help the process of collecting, transporting and processing water out of oil on CPP - 2 platform to achieve high efficiency, saving and quality of seawater after being treated to meet environmental requirements. On the other hand, on the PPD - 40,000 water injection rig located next to CPP - 2, there are currently three gas generator turbines being used to supply electricity to the whole underground grid system, with a large amount of exhaust heat. Studying the construction of equipment system to take advantage of this waste heat, using heat for crude oil will be a solution to bring high economic, technical and environmental efficiency. The research results show that the design and installation of heat recovery units do not affect the working mode of the gas turbine, in accordance with the space and the weight limit of the rig base structure, the following oil when heated, processed to ensure quality, and separated water meets environmental standards to discharge into the sea

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Nghiên cứu tận dụng nhiệt từ hệ thống khí xả của tuabin khí phát điện trên giàn bơm ép vỉa PPD-40.000 để gia nhiệt dầu thô trên giàn CNTT-2, mỏ Bạch Hổ



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