Solutions to improve paraffin deposition treatment and removal efficiency: applications to pipelines from the subsea wellheads to the DH - 01 platform at Dai Hung Oil field

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Dai Hung Oil Field is located in Block 05 - 1a in the Northeast of Nam Con Son basin, 250km away from Vung Tau city, at a depth of 110m. The production activities are carried out by subsea wellhead equipment. Oil and gas are transported from the subsea wellheads to Dai Hung - 01 platform (DH - 01) by gathering pipelines of 75mm diameter. On DH - 01 platform, the crude oil is preliminary processed into oil and gas which is then transported to FSO through the CALM system. The transportation of the processed of oil and gas through subsea pipelines may experience several difficulties such as paraffin, salt and asphanten deposition etc.. Noticeably, high paraffin content in crude oil, along with very low temperature at sea floor and the decrease in velocity of the flow due to the decline of recovery rate etc. may bring about negative effects on the transportation. This paper presents results of the research on efficiency of paraffin deposition treatment and provides adequate solutions to improve the transportation of crude oil at Dai Hung Oil field. Specifically, the paper proposes solutions to improve the efficiency of paraffin deposition treatment for the pipelines from subsea wellheads to DH - 01 platform by combination of heating and Pour Point Depresent chemical (PPD) techniques

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Nghiên cứu giải pháp nâng cao hiệu quả xử lý lắng đọng paraffin từ đầu giếng ngầm đến giàn ĐH - 01 mỏ Đại Hùng



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