Solutions to improve paraffin treatment efficiency of crude oil on MSP- 6 platform at Bach Ho oil field

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The crude oil exploited at Bach Ho oil field is characterized by high paraffin content, high viscosity and temperature. This has caused difficulties in flow assurance during the process of exploiting, collecting, transporting and storing the products. Therefore, paraffin treatment of crude oil should be carried out in all activities relating to production of oil and gas. At Bach Ho oil field the production is being implemented mainly by gaslift method. However, paraffin deposition occurs in gaslift wells more than the others due to the production mechanism and the structure of production equipment. Thus, a research on solutions to paraffin deposition treatmen in gaslift wells is necessary. This paper presents results of research on paraffin treatment to gaslift well, oil and gas gathering and treating system on MSP-6 platform at Bach Ho oil field by analyzing the process in situ. Based on that, a technical solution to improve the efficiency of paraffin treatment is achieved by using high temperature crude oil of N0 101 well for N0 90 gaslift well on MSP-6 platform. The results of research can be applied to other wells with the same conditions as those at Bach Ho oil field

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Giải pháp nâng cao hiệu quả xử lý dầu nhiều Paraffin trên giàn MSP-6 Mỏ Bạch Hổ



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