Technology solutions to enhance the system of water separation on the CPP-3 at Bach Ho Field

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Today, the water cut in almost wells in Bach Ho reservoir is increasing and the frequency of treatment in the the bottom of wells, cleaning piping with pumping more and more increasing so character of products was complicated. Therefore, requires the technology to separate water to change to fit. The CPP-3 was completed and put into operation for high efficiency in the long time operation. However, at present, the technology of CPP-3 has revealed the limitations such as redesigning the heater product input line. In order to improve the working efficiency of the system, the authorswill focus on surveying the operating conditions of the separation equipment and selecting the optimal working conditions as well as increasing the water separation capacity for the high-pressurethree-phase separator at CPP3 to avoid overloading in the working capacity of class 2 electrostatic separators to optimize the separation technology andreduce operating costs

  • Lê Quang Duyến,Khoa Dầu khí, Trường Đại học Mỏ - Địa chất, Việt Nam
  • Vũ Văn Tiến,Liên doanh Việt - Nga Vietsovpetro, Việt Nam
  • Tăng Văn Đồng,Công ty điều hành thăm dò khai thác dầu khítrong nước (PVEP-POC), Việt Nam
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